Finishing the back of an embroidery hoop

Many embroiderers like to display their finished embroidery in an embroidery hoop, so they can hang it on the wall, give it away as a present … If you are going to do this, you’ll want the back of your embroidery hoop to be neatly finished as well. There are several ways to do this, of which I will go over two options, step by step in this post.

Option 1: Using the running stitch

Finishing your hoop with a running stitch is very easy if you know how it works. The advantage of this option is that you don’t need any glue, and if you want, you can take the embroidery out of the hoop later and re-use it!

For this technique you will use a running stitch.
(And it’s almost magical, wait and see! 😉 )

I created a video about this workflow. It has Dutch subtitles, but you’ll be able to see how to do this technique without having to read them! (English videos coming soon!)

Option 2: Using a glue gun

This is my favorite method for framing small projects on aida. I use a Skandia glue gun.

Koala cross stitch pattern by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery

Note: you cannot reuse the hoop after using this method. Once glued, your embroidery is attached to the hoop, forever.

  1. Make sure your embroidery is positioned correctly inside the hoop and your fabric is nice and taut.
  2. Cut the edge of the fabric around the hoop, until you have about 1cm of fabric left around it.
  1. Snip some indents all around the hoop, about 2cm apart. Make sure you cut all to the way up to the hoop.

Use your glue gun to apply a few cm of glue to the top of the inner ring.

Press the little flaps of fabric into the glue and repeat for the entire hoop. Be careful not to burn yourself! 😉

Hiding the back of your embroidery

Would you rather not have anyone see the messe back of your embroidery? Then you could add an extra layer on top of the hoop, e.g. a piece of felt.

  1. Draw the circumference of the smallest ring from your hoop onto a piece of felt and cut it out carefully.
  1. Finish the back of your hoop in one of two ways described above.
  2. Pin the felt circle on top of the fabric at the back of your hoop.
  1. Grab some leftover embroidery thread (at least 2 strands) or sewing thread, while making sure your thread will be long enough to go around the hoop twice.
  2. Use the blanket stitch all around the border of the felt circle, making sure you also pass your needle through the leftover fabric at the back of your hoop.
  3. Done!